Below, you’ll find the most important key facts about the MoneyGram Cup of Nations 2017. Click here to view the rules and regulations of the tournament.

The MoneyGram Cup of Nations is an international football tournament taking place in the summer of 2017 in eight countries. The country winners of each tournament will compete for the title in Warsaw in August 2017.

Any organized under-17 club team (all players born 01/01/2000 or later) of at least 11 players is able to participate. It doesn’t matter on which level or in which league you play, as long as you are an organized club team. If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria, please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail.

You can now register your team for the MoneyGram Cup of Nations 2017 preliminary round in London. Once you have registered your team, make sure to share your profile with your friends to collect as many votes as possible. You must collect as many votes as possible in order to participate. The 11 teams with the most votes by May 24th, 2017 (plus the hosting team) will qualify for the preliminary round in their county. The winner of the preliminary round will travel to Warsaw in August to compete with 7 other country winners for the European MoneyGram Cup of Nations title!

The MoneyGram Cup of Nations takes place in Poland (Warsaw), Germany (Frankfurt), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Belgium (Brussels), France (Paris), Italy (Rome), and Spain (Madrid) and concludes with the final in Warsaw, Poland.

The MoneyGram Cup of Nations offers the chance for teams of all backgrounds and all levels to compete on a European stage. Win your country tournament and fly to Warsaw free of charge to compete with other European teams and lead your team all the way to the top.

Yes! There is no registration fee, and even better: Our sponsors are covering the full cost of travel and accommodation to Warsaw in case your team reaches the final!

The tournament is played 11 vs. 11 players on a full sized pitch. There will be 12 teams including the hosting team playing in three groups of four. Visit our rules and regulations for further details.