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fought even after Napoleon;s abdication. In 1809 arriving at Ratisbon, the 2nd Cuirassiers took part in a fight with the Austrian Merveldt Uhlan Regiment first and then against the Hohenzollern and Ferdinand Cuirassier Regiments. NCO Pawlikowski of Vistula Uhlans captured Prince Liechtenstein. The first shock, when they came in collision, seemed terrific, and many men and horses fell on both sides. Colonels and chef-de-brigade: 1793 - Ruin, 1794 - Scholtenius, 1794 - Schwartz, 1806 - Dery, 1809 - Meuziau, 1813 - Fournier, 1814 - Liegeard 7e Regiment de Hussards 5 Battle Honors: 1806 - Jena, 1807 - Heilsberg, 1812 - Borodino, 1813 - Hanau, 1814. It was formed in May 1811, from the 2e Regiment de Vistula Lanciers which had been formed in France (not in Poland).

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2e Regiment de Hussards 4 Battle Honors: 1798 - Honschoote, 1805 - Austerlitz, 1807 - Friedland, 1809 - Medellin 45 Battles: 1792 - Grisvelle, Verton, La Croix-aux-Bois, Grand-Pre, Montcheutin, Valmy, Jemmapes, 1793 - La Roche, Hondschoote, Landrecies, Wissembourg, Edelsheim, 1794 - Marolles, Fleures, Mons, Anderhoven. As this was the first charge of cavalry most of us had ever seen, were were all naturally much interested on the occassion. In January 1814 this regiment was disbanded. Note: This brave regiment existed only.5 years. "Napoleon's Cavalry Recreated in Color Photographs" by Maughan. Note: The uhlans defeated Prussians at Strigau, Austrians at Hohenlinden, at Mallen and Tudela trounced the Spaniards, at Albuera and Talavera routed the British, in 1813 it was turn for the Russians. NCO Guindey of 10th Hussars killed Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia. Charged three times, the Austrians were routed, the 2nd Cuirassiers took 200 prisoners fortified in a village. The heavy cavalry was not worse.

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Note: This regiment was formed in 1811, from the 29e Regiment de Dragons 1er Regiment de Vistule Lanciers (In 1811 the "Vistula Uhlans" were renamed to 7e Lanciers) 0 Battle Honors: it was not French unit so no battle honors. The 1st Vistula Uhlans were nicknamed "The Picadors of the Hell." 8e Regiment de Chevaulegers-Lanciers 4 Battle Honors: 1812 - Polotzk, 1813 - Bautzen, Dresden, 1814 - Champaubert 9 Battles: 1812 - Jakubowo, Polotsk, La Beresina, 1813 - Lutzen, Bautzen, Kulm, Dresden, Leipzig, 1814. The light cavalry enjoyed reputation for bravery and an uninhibited joie-de-vivre when not. They had ridden through and past each other, and now they wheeled round again. Colonels: Baron Lubienski, general in 1814, hussars. Capture of Dutch Fleet at Texel (nk Schwalbach, Kreutznach, 1796 - Burg Eberach, 1797 - Passage of the Rhine at Neuwied 1799 - Mannheim, Engen, Hirchberg, 1800 - Dillerich, Bopfingen, Kelheim, Germersheim, 1803 - Nienberg, 1805 - Austerlitz, 1806 - Halle, Crewitz, Mohrungen, 1807. 44 Battles: 1798 - Sessa, 1800 - Hohenlinden, 1806 - Naples, Gaete, 1807 - Strigau, Dantzi, Saltzbrun, 1808 - Tudela, Mallen, Alagon, Saragosse, Almaraz, 1809 - Guadalajara, Jevenes, Ciudad-Real, Santa-Cruz, Alenbillas, Talavera, Almonacid, Santa Maria de Nieva, Ocana, 1810 - Sierra Morena, Baza, Arquillos, Orgas. During the Siege of Saragossa they climbed down from their saddles and stormed the entrenched enemy camp. The French 20e Dragoons were awarded with battle honor for Albuera, but not the Vistula Uhlans who took at this battle 5-6 British colors, destroyed British infantry brigade, and captured hundreds of prisoners.

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